Identity Crisis at the 2004 US Open

Rulan or Rulien serving to Rachel or Raquel

In the battle of identical twins the Guerrero twins from the Philippines bested the Yeh twins from the USA
by a score of 4-15,15-3,15-8. "In 20 years of umpiring Iíve never had a more entertaining match," claimed
Canadian Rob Oldfield. "The only difference in the Guerreros is a mole on one of their noses, but that certainly
wasnít visible from where I sat. I guess any of them could have been serving and receiving from the wrong
sides, but I figured if I couldnít tell, no one else could either."

In this round of 32 match Rulan and Rulien Yeh won the first game in easy fashion, while Rachel and Raquel
Guerrero returned the compliment in the second, setting up a hard fought third which probably deserved to end
in a tie. The Guerreros are now staking claim to being the World Identical champions.