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13.Overview of Panam Development Program New
12.Aruba Badminton Club seeks international help
11.PABC Coach to Visit Member Countries
10.Peru dominates Individuals, while USA mows down all Teams
9. Olympics: USA doubles duo aiming high
8. Congrats to our PABC President--Thomas and Uber Cup Results
7. Congratulations to Pedro and Lorena
6. Congratulations to the TUC Winners
5. Hurry Hurry!!
4. Happy New Year!
3. PABC Newsletter #2
2. Thomas & Uber Cup in Barbados
1. PanAm Office Opens in Anaheim

8. PABC Newsletter #7

May 19, 2004

Congrats to our PABC President--Thomas and Uber Cup Results

PABC President Mervyn Gordon was elected as the Continental representative at the International Badminton Federation’s 65th Annual General Meeting which was held on May 9th in Jakarta Indonesia. Unfortunately due to work commitments, Mervyn was unable to attend. He however extended his apologies and reiterated his commitment to serve the region to the fullest.

The Pan Am Badminton Confederation was very well represented by all the other Executive committee members as well as other delegates such as the new President of Jamaica Badminton Association Mr. Neil Lewis, IBF certified umpire Joseph Clarke and the PABC staff of Bob and Ana Cook . This was the first time that the PABC was so well represented at the AGM. This augurs well for our region in the future as we were able to meet and collaborate with the IBF staff as well as members of the IBF council. All in all, the week was a very productive with workshops and seminars hosted by IBF staff. I would therefore remind fellow members of the importance of attending the AGM and urge you all to ensure that your country is well represented in future.

Canada brought a young team which fought hard in all their matches against South Korea and Australia, but they were not up to level of the experienced teams they faced. The rest of the Uber Cup was China, China, China. They have succeeded in pulling away from the rest of world in women’s play with only South Korea offering some resistance in the finals.

In the Thomas Cup the USA team drew into the pool with China and host Indonesia. Although the USA played tough, the results were predictable. China went on all the way to the finals without losing a single match. After losing to China in the pool play, host Indonesia made their way to the semi-finals where they expected to make quick work of Denmark. With 17,000 tumultuous fans roaring they lead 2 to 1 after the first 3 matches. Denmark pulled out the 2nd men’s doubles in 3 games to pull even with the locals. In the deciding #3 singles match with the crowd near riotous level the Danes pulled Peter Rasmussen (ex world champ from a few years ago) out of obscurity and put him up against the rising Indonesian star, Santoso. Well, the old vet pulled it out and gave the victory to the Danes.

In the finals the Chinese captured #1 singles and the Danes answered at #1 doubles. Everyone in the stadium knew the #2 singles was pivotal and the winner would more than likely end up lifting the Cup. Bao from China played well in the first game, but Jonassen fought back from 9-14 to send it into set. Jonassen reached 15 and 2 points short of a mighty upset as he would easily handle Bao in the second forcing the deciding game. The younger Bao was just to fit and fast in the 3rd and ended the Danes best hope of ending the Asian dominance of the Thomas Cup.

Anyway fellow members, the next step for us will be the Cuba International from June 11-13, 2004 in Havana, Cuba. This tournament is rated as a Grade A and members are being urged to support it. Do not forget the Pan Am Juniors in Lima Peru from July 19-24, 2004 to be followed by the training camp from July 26-30, 2004. Make sure and get your entries in early!

Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events

7. PABC Newsletter #6

March 22th, 2004


Dear Fellow Members,

Congratulations go out to Pedro Yang of Guatemala and Lorena Blanco of Peru for their selection to participate and represent their countries and by extension, the region, at the 2004 Athens Olympics in Greece. They were awarded the Tripartite Commission award by the International Olympic Committee, to participate in the Men’s singles and women’s singles respectively.

The Tripartite Commission is a three-way collaboration between the International Olympic Committee, the Association of National Olympic Committees and the International Federations to ensure participation by athletes from National Olympic Committees who would, through normal qualification channels, have little or no representation at the Games across any of the programme sports. In the Olympic qualification system the IBF made a provision to allow for one player in each of the singles events to be invited under the tripartite scheme.

Pedro Yang is currently ranked # 52 in the Men’s singles while Lorena Blanco is # 53 in the Women’s singles. We are quite sure that they will go to Athens and do their best to make the PABC region proud. On behalf of the PABC and its members, we extend best wishes to Pedro and Lorena!


Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events

6. PABC Newsletter #5


March 9th, 2004

Dear Fellow Members,

Congratulations are in order for the USA in the Thomas Cup and Canada in the Uber Cup. Both these countries will represent the Pan Am region at the Thomas and Uber Cup finals in Jakarta, Indonesia in May this year. The USA will be seeded 10th in the Thomas Cup while Canada will be 9th in the Uber Cup out of 12 teams.

The tournament in Barbados was quite successful with a number of thrilling matches taking place over the week, culminating with the men’s final between USA and Canada , and the women’s final between Canada and Peru. The most exciting tie of the tournament was the very first one—Mexico versus the number 2 seed Brazil in the Thomas Cup. With the matches tied 2-2 the #2 Mexican doubles team was first to reach 14 points in the third and deciding game. They had several opportunities to pull off the upset, but ended up losing in set—close, soooo close. And, congratulations to Guatemala, which snapped up the bronze medal in the Thomas Cup beating Brazil 3-0.

Many thanks are extended to the PABC President Mervyn Gordon, the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Diane Payne, and all the staff/volunteers for their hospitality and a job well done! Special thanks goes out to Mr. Punch Gunalan, IBF’s Vice President – Marketing and Development, for gracing us with his presence at this leg of the TUC championships. The PABC Executive Committee sincerely appreciates his input and guidance for the future of the sport in the region and by extension worldwide.

The IBF can rest assured that the PABC will utilize every opportunity to further develop and strive for success within our region. Now that the Thomas and Uber Cup championships are over, our next stop will be at the Peru International and the Pan Am Team events, which will both, take place in Lima, Peru next month. The IX Peru International 2004 Badminton championship is carded for April 15 – 18, 2004 while the Pan Am Team championship will take place from April 19 – 22, 2004. Entries for both these tournaments close on March 19, 2004.

For more information regarding the tournaments, you may visit our PABC webpage at or email Mrs. Pilar Carrillo ().

We look forward to your participation as both tournaments carry points towards the Olympic qualification. Remember the closing date for both tournaments is March 19, 2004.

Remember to look out for upcoming events in the near future within the Pan Am region.

Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events - PABC

5. PABC Newsletter #4


January 15, 2004

The last day to submit your team nominations for the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup for the PABC region. Entries close Friday 16th January 2004 and should be submitted online for those member countries with Internet access. For those countries without Internet access, kindly send your information to the PABC office as soon as possible.

Preparations are well underway and the championship should prove to be an exciting one. Remember to secure your hotel bookings now as time is running out.

Remember the dates 17th – 21st February 2004.

Remember the country is Barbados

Remember the venue is the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium

Remember the coaching clinic being hosted by our itinerant coach Mohan.

Remember one and all that we need your support and participation to make this championship a success. Let’s do this for our PABC region and by extension the IBF.


Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events - PABC

4. PABC Newsletter #3


Jan. 2nd, 2004

Dear Fellow Members,

The New Year is fast approaching and time is running out for the submission of entries for the Thomas and Uber Cups in Barbados in February 2004. It is extremely important that we, the members of the PABC seize this opportunity to send our teams to the championship, which will take place from February 17–21, 2004.

The deadline for submission of the names is January 16, 2004, however for planning purposes, the host country as well as the International Badminton Federation and the PABC needs to know which countries intend to participate in the events. We strongly urge all member countries to inform our PABC office by Tuesday 6 January 2004, whether they will or will not be participating in the championship.

As indicated in our previous newsletter, a clinic is being planned for those countries interested in sending players to participate in the championship. You should advise our PABC office by Tuesday 6 January 2004, the number of players that you wish to attend the clinic. Also, remember the offer of a 5% discount on the airfare from your point of origin, which is being offered by American Airlines. So fellow members now is the time to take note and let us start the New Year with a renewed interest and vitality that will ensure the success of our first major event for 2004.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Bright and Prosperous 2004.

Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events - PABC

3. PABC Newsletter #2

Dec. 6th, 2003

    1. Seasons Greetings
    2. Subscriptions due
    3. Discounted Fares
    4. Clinic at TUC

1. Seasons Greetings to All PABC members

2. December is upon us and I am once again writing to keep you up to date on the latest developments for the Thomas/Uber Cups in Barbados in February 2004. I urge all member countries to pay their Annual IBF Subscriptions before December 31, 2003, to be eligible to compete in Barbados in February next year. Please remember that the annual that are paid to the IBF are distributed to the continental bodies to help fund the various activities and programmes for the year.

3. We have received some good news for those travelling by American Airlines to the TUC championship in Barbados. They are offering a 5% discount on the lowest fares from the point of origin. So fellow members, you would need to secure those specials as soon as possible. You may wish to contact any of the following for further information: , , or . Also, for those countries, which are eliminated in the round robin competition at the championship, a consolation event is being considered so that those countries will have an opportunity to play against one another.

4. I am sure that all member countries are aware by now that the PABC has appointed an itinerant coach for the region. Mr. Mohan Subramaniam has been chosen and we are considering that he would host a mini-clinic during the TUC championship. Member countries interested in participating in the clinic should indicate as such to our PABC office by December 31, 2003.

Anyway all, we will keep you posted on any additional developments.

Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events - PABC

2. Thomas Cup and Uber Cup in Barbados

Dec. 1st, 2003

The Pan Am Badminton Confederation will be hosting the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup in Barbados from February 17 – 21, 2004. As members would already know that these two championships are IBF controlled events, we who represent the continental body must ensure that there is full support for participation by all member countries in the PABC region.

We have been alienated from competing at these tournaments due to the International Badminton Federation mainly hosting the events either in Asia or Europe. With the IBF’s new vision for the development and growth of the sport, a decision was taken to encourage all IBF member countries to participate and compete within their own region initially, in a preliminary event, with the winner(s) advancing to the final.

As the economic factors always played a role in the developing countries being able to send teams to compete, whether it was due to the lack of funding to travel or just a case of not being up to the competitive standard, the fact that the championship is being staged in each of the continental regions, makes it even more accessible, affordable and attractive to all members. This should be viewed as an opportunity for us to be heard and seen by the IBF, as the ones who are responsible for the growth of the sport.

As such, the Pan Am Badminton Confederation wishes to extend an invitation to all its members to support and participate in the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup preliminaries, which are carded for February 17 – 21, 2004 in Barbados. Please indicate whether your country will be participating in either the Thomas Cup or the Uber Cup or both. This information is required to be submitted by December 9, 2003. Please respond to the following email address:


Ronald Clarke
Chair of Events - PABC

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