Cayman Islands Ready For Smashing Time!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cayman Island Badminton Association managed to organize a short weekend trip for Ge Cheng from 4 – 7 March. Hats off to the "artist" CIBA President, Wray Banker and Malaysian, Balan Murugesu now living in Cayman Island for pulling this one off.

Wray-Banker-1         Balan-M-2

    Wray Banker,                    Balan Murugesu

    CIBA President              CIBA Committee Member


Incidentally, Wray is Balan’s brother in-law. What a team! Thanks to Balan’s excellent contact and network  with schools and immigration CIBA managed to organize things very quickly. Ever since Mohan’s short visit in 2004, the badminton community has slowly got excited again. Not even the devastating hurricane could hold them back.

Ge Cheng will work with schools during the day and in the evenings with club members and the public. Ge Cheng’s Olympian and IBF coach status will definitely be a pull factor here. Ge Cheng was a world singles player before he converted to doubles and qualified in the quarter-finals of the exciting 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

When contacted by email, Wray cheekily said, “I want to see how Ge Cheng can match me in handleton.” A fun game created by this well known artist, Wray who himself is an excellent player.

PABC hopes the badminton community in Cayman Islands will have a smashing time!

Wray-Banker-2  Cheng-1

Wray with his handleton                  Ge Cheng

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