XI Peru International 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The XI Peru International began on March 30.  About 100 players entered from 12 countries including  Wales, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Peru.  The competition was held at the exclusive Club de Regatas. 


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Women’s Singles
  • Italian lady, Agnes Allegrini made it to the women’s singles finals.
  • Young Alejandra Monteverde played her best but she couldn’t made it to the finals.
 Lima, April 1, 2006. 10:00 in the morning, in a partly sunny day, the first event played was the ladies single. The first match of the morning was won by the Spanish Yoanna Martinez, which played against young Peruvian Alejandra Monteverde, who played with strength and showed she’s just in the starting line of her path in badminton.
On the court beside, an interesting match was developing great and furiously by Peruvian Claudia Rivero and Italian Agnes Allegrini. Although Rivero played her best, showing her best technique, she couldn’t beat the skills and courage of her opponent. The match lasted 21-14, 21- 12.  Even though the young Peruvians couldn’t beat their opponents they gain much more experience for their future matches.
Tomorrow we will see Allegrini against Martinez in the finals.
Men’s Singles
  • Indonesian, Sartono Ekopranoto beat difficult Spanish, Nicolas Escartin.
  • Well known Peruvian, Rodrigo Pacheco couldn’t make it to the finals.
Lima, April 1, 2006. The next event that happened was the men’s singles. Sartono Ekopranoto, Indonesian that plays for Peru made it to the finals by beating Nicolas Escartin in 2 games (21-19; 21-12). Sartono showed great skills and abilities in the game. Playing with full technique, he’s now the favorite to win the gold.
On the other side, experienced Rodrigo Pacheco couldn’t make it against Spanish Pablo Abian, who showed a great physical condition reaching all the shuttles and turning back all of Pacheco’s attacks. When we speak to Abian he told us he had won the gold at the Cuba Open played last march. Also that he’s hoping to beat the Indonesian Ekopranoto at the finals. We know this will be a full quality match.
Women’s Doubles
  • Young Daniela Cuba and Alejandra Monteverde in the finals.
  • Valeria Rivero and Jie Meng won easily.
Lima, April 1, 2006. At this event we saw all of the Peruvians skills. First Claudia Rivero and Christina Aicardi were beaten in three very interesting matches by young Daniela Cuba and Alejandra Monteverde, who is showing her best in this tournament. Rivero and Aicardi won easily the first game, but then they got tired by the accuracy of the young ones. The match ended 21–16, 19-21 and 19, 21.
Next, Valeria Rivero and Chinese Jie Meng beat easily Manuela Olcese and Claudia Zornoza in two games. Rivero and Meng displayed all their great skills and technique, but Olcese and Zornoza played their best against the two experienced ones, although they are just beginning to play against the seniors in the tournaments.
Men’s Doubles
·         Indonesian couple beat Peruvians De Vinatea and Del Valle.
·         Peruvians Javier Jimeno and Rodrigo Pacheco at the finals.
Lima, April 1, 2006. Indonesians that play for Peru, Sartono Ekopranoto and Roy Purnomo beat Peruvians Antonio De Vinatea and Martin Del Valle in two games. The Peruvians played their best but they couldn’t against the full technique and skills of the Indonesians. The match ended 21-8, 21-13.    
On the other side, Javier Jimeno and Rodrigo Pacheco beat in two interesting games Brazilian Paulo Von Scala and Puerto Rican Perez. Jimeno and Pacheco gave us a display of great badminton; even though they don’t usually play together they played as a life time couple. Jimeno has recovered his skills and technique after a long absence of the courts. On the other hand, Von Scala and Perez didn’t show much of their game, finishing 21-9 and 21-13.
We know that tomorrow’s finals will be a great display of badminton quality. Who will keep the gold?
Mixed Doubles
  • Roy Purnomo and Valeria Rivero gave us a great badminton display.
  • Three games took Jimeno and Rivero to win.
 Lima, April 1, 2006. The first mixed double that took place was the match battled by Sartono Ekopranoto and Christina Aicardi against Roy Purnomo and Valeria Rivero. This was a very exciting match that showed the Indonesians great technique and the skills of the Peruvian ladies. This was a very tight match, winning at last Purnomo and Rivero in 2 games.
On the court beside, we saw a very Peruvian match; Javier Jimeno and Claudia Rivero beat in three games Antonio De Vinatea and Alejandra Monteverde. The last couple battled all along the match, defending themselves of Jimeno’s powerful attacks. Rivero also did a great job sending smashes to their opponents. At last, Jimeno and Rivero beat them 21-14, 19-21 and 21-17.
Although Alejandra Monteverde didn’t make it to the finals, she has showed us that her badminton skills are increasing every day.
We can assure that tomorrow final will be an exciting match.

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